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September 24 2017


May 20 2015

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April 27 2015

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April 05 2015


Sharpest View of the Andromeda Galaxy, Ever.

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured the sharpest and biggest image ever taken of the Andromeda galaxy — a whopping 69,536 x 22,230 pixels. The enormous image is the biggest Hubble image ever released and shows over 100 million stars and thousands of star clusters embedded in a section of the galaxy’s pancake-shaped disc stretching across over 40,000 light-years.

Use the ZOOM TOOL to view in full detail.

(WARNING: May cause existential crisis)

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Global Internet Usage Based on Time of Day
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March 26 2015


Wire Sculptures

Breathtaking Wire Sculptures Capture the Fluidity of the Human Body

English artist Richard Stainthorp captures the beautiful energy and fluidity of the human body using wire. The life-sized sculptures feature both figures in motion and at rest, expressed in the form of large-gauged strands that are densely wrapped around and through one another. By doing this, he gives the work an undeniable presence. Stainthorp also allows the bent wires to shine by keeping their metallic appearance free from any obvious painting or additions.

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February 14 2015

February 01 2015

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January 04 2015

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following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

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January 03 2015

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January 01 2015

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December 27 2014

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December 25 2014

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Villa Vizcaya, Miami Vizcaya, now named the Vizcaya Museum and...
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December 19 2014

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